Data Telemetry Guide/FAQ

Data Telemetry Guide/FAQ

January 02, 2020

Enroute gateway collects anonymous telemetry data that helps Enroute team in understanding how the product is being used. It helps prioritize features and how to make the product more useful for users.

The data collected is minimal and statistical in nature and cannot uniquely identy a user. The next section shows what data is collected. The Enroute team does not share this data with third parties and stricly limits access to this data.

As we grow community around our project, we are grateful for the usage data that users provide us. However if you are concerned about sending usage stats, you can choose to disable it.

What data is collected

The server periodically sends the uptime information with randomly generated UUID. Here is a sample row from database:

        ID:  "1",
	    Uptime: "9.565047d"

Where is the data sent

The data is sent to Saaras servers addressed by

How do I opt out of anonymous data telemetry?

You can turn it off by setting/passing the environment variable SEND_ANON_STAT=no