Envoy Powered API Gateway

Secure, Govern and Observe your APIs, across platforms and clouds

Standalone Kubernetes Ingress

Consistent Policy for your APIs running ANY-where

Kubernetes Ingress

Use Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to drive Enroute Kubernetes Ingress Controller to enforce policy on your microservices


Use simple REST/GraphQL APIs on the Standalone Gateway to enforce policy for APIs on public/private cloud

Stateless Sidecar Micro-Gateway

Enroute Controller can also enforce the same policy across multiple stateless micro-gateways

Visualize your API traffic in real-time

Enroute Standalone API Gateway provides a programmable UI Dashboard built using Grafana to gain deep visibility into traffic and gateway operational state

Programmable Telemetry

REST APIs for Standalone

curl -X POST “http://localhost:1323/service” -d ‘service_name=openapi-enroute’ -d ‘fqdn=saaras.io’

CRDs for Kubernetes Ingress

kubectl apply -f gatewayhost.yaml

Destination Automation

Empower DevOps and do more with fewer resources when your API Gateway can support 100% automation

Run Envoy Proxy à la carte

Accelerate time-to-value to run Envoy in your enterprise without taking on technical debt

Open Source DNA

Enroute Open Source provides the platform to build solutions without lock-in

Multi-Cloud for a reason

With API security that works anywhere, confidently choose a cloud for optimal cost and performance

Batteries Included

Enroute provides deep value with premium features to get you up-and-running in no time.


Drive one or fleet of Envoy Proxies. Run at Kubernetes Ingress or Standalone without Kubernetes

High Throughput and Low Latency

Enroute data path is built from high-perf Envoy Proxy

Flexible configuration

Configure Enroute using CRDs for kubernetes, or using simple GraphQL or REST API on control plane

Extend using Filter/Plugins

Enroute’s extensible filter architecture facilitates fine-grained control to add functionality at global level or on a per-route basis

OpenAPI Sync

Ingest and keep Enroute in sync with OpenAPI Spec

Advanced rate-limiting

Enroute includes support for Advanced Rate Limiting with different limits for authorized/unauthorized users

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