Envoy Powered Edge API Gateway

Modern API and Service Connectivity. Quick and Easy

EnRoute Kubernetes Ingress EnRoute Standalone

EnRoute is a lightweight shim to drive Envoy proxy as an API Gateway

ONE edge gateway for all your APIs

One-Step Kubernetes Ingress API Gateway

Use Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to drive EnRoute Kubernetes Ingress Controller to secure microservices

Standalone API Gateway

Use simple REST/GraphQL APIs to configure Standalone Gateway that runs inside a docker container

EnRoute Controller to replicate and run policy across multiple Gateways

EnRoute Controller can also enforce the same policy across multiple stateless micro-gateways

Batteries Included

Powered with premium features

Advanced Rate Limits

EnRoute Community edition supports advanced rate-limiting. Define Limits using any L7 state including JWT Claims and different rate-limits for authenticated/unauthenticated users.


EnRoute community edition supports JWT validation for both Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes workloads

OpenAPI Sync

Ingest and keep EnRoute in sync with OpenAPI Spec

High Throughput and Low Latency

EnRoute data path is built from high-perf Envoy Proxy

Flexible configuration

Configure EnRoute using CRDs for kubernetes, or using simple GraphQL or REST API on control plane

Extend using Filters/Plugins

EnRoute’s extensible filter architecture facilitates fine-grained control to add functionality at global level or on a per-route basis.

Use filters like OAuth2, OIDC, JWT, Rate-Limit, Lua to control traffic.

Simple and Intuitive

Configure Standalone using GitOps OR REST

  "name" : "okta",
  "jwks_uri" : "https://saaras.okta.com/oauth2/default/v1/keys",
  "audience" : "api://default",
  "issuer"   : "https://saaras.okta.com/oauth2/default"
curl -X POST localhost:1323/filter  \
    -d "filter_name=${filter_name}" \
    -d "filter_type=${filter_type}" \
    -d "filter_config"="${filter_config}"

Configure Kubernetes Ingress Using CRDs

apiVersion: enroute.saaras.io/v1beta1
kind: HttpFilter
  name: jwt_filter_okta_k8s
  namespace: enroute-gw-k8s
  name: jwt_filter_okta
  type: http_filter_jwt
  httpFilterConfig: |
  "name" : "okta",
  "jwks_uri" : "https://saaras.okta.com/oauth2/default/v1/keys",
  "audience" : "api://default",
  "issuer" : "https://saaras.okta.com/oauth2/default",

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