EnRoute Gateway Feature List
EnRoute Standalone Gateway and EnRoute Kubernetes Ingress Controller Gateway
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Open SourceEnRoute Gateway CommunityEnRoute Gateway Enterprise
Kubernetes Ingress ControllerConfigure using CRDs
Standalone Docker GatewayConfigure using REST or GraphQL
Protocol SupportTCP, HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, WebSockets, gRPC
OpenAPI SyncAuto-program OpenAPI Spec on Gateway
EnRoute ControllerInifinite scale horizontal fabric for multiple stateless micro-gateways
EnRoute AurigaExternally run Envoy to enforce policy for Kubernetes microservice without Ingress. Replace MetalLB with Envoy
ObservabilityUse Prometheus and Grafana to collect and observe metrics
Load Balancing Algorithms Round Robin, Least Request, Random, Ring Hash
Traffic management Circuit breakers, Automatic retries
Distributed Tracing Integration with Zipkin, Jaeger
Progressive DeliveryCanary Release
Advanced Rate LimitingPer-route rate limits for per-IP, per-Host, per-Header, authenticated/unauthenticated user
Grafana AutomationAdvanced Grafana Automation support
OneConfigUse one declarative config for standalone and kubernetes ingress
Lua ScriptingRun Lua Script for ingress/egress North-South traffic
Cipher Selection Select allowed Ciphers and TLS versions to use for terminating SSL connections
Configurable Access LoggingRelay logs while integrating with metricsbeat, logstash, fluentd
Adaptive Rate LimitingElastic run-time Rate Limiting
JWT ValidationValidate incoming JWT Token against external JWKS
OAuth 2.0
Authenticate user using an external Identity Provider
Vault IntegrationUse secrets from HashiCorp Vault to secure traffic
Admin DashboardCentral Admin dashboard for rapid troubleshooting
Open Policy Agent (OPA)Enforce Policy using OPA
Integrated WAF OWASP Top-10Protect against OWASP Top-10
Custom FilterCustom logic

This features is currently in Enterprise edition but will be available in Community (or Open Source) Edition soon

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